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“Natalie and her team at A Good Affair helped make my wedding day PERFECTLY everything I wanted it to be. Two and half months later, guests are still commenting on how much fun they had and how beautiful everything was. My mom and parents-in-law could not have been more pleased, and my husband and I will always cherish the memories we share of our special day thanks to Natalie and her team.

First, Natalie is incredibly flexible and accommodating. When I first met with her, I had most of the big plans out of the way and was prepared to do a lot of the work on my own. I wanted someone who could act as a consultant, keep me on task, and come wedding day, take charge and make sure things ran smoothly. Natalie did exactly that and more, tweaking the contract to fit my mom and my specific needs. Additionally, we were working with an uncertain budget which Natalie was able to accommodate, ensuring we were given the best deals possible.

Second, Natalie is an excellent mediator and problem solver. Planning a wedding comes with a lot of stress and emotion since it's such a big and important day. My dad passed away at the beginning of the year, so a lot of emotions were present around that issue--Natalie was incredibly empathetic and suggested creative ways to include him in the wedding day. And along the way, my mom and I naturally butted heads on a few ideas, but Natalie was always able to keep us on track and make suggestions to accommodate both of our wants.

Third, Natalie is an aesthetic master. In terms of colors, flowers, and decor, I had a vision of how I wanted things to look on my wedding day, but no idea how to make it happen. Natalie listened to my visions and excelled at making them into a reality. Everything was GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS--candles, centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle decorations, table settings, EVERYTHING. I was so impressed with her artistic ability and the way she pulled all the details together.

In addition to creating gorgeous decor for the wedding day, Natalie and her team were rockstars at pulling all the final details together and making sure the entire day ran flawlessly--and a long day it was. They were always on point and their top priority was ensuring my husband and I and our families had an unforgettable experience with no stress, which they accomplished. So, thank you to Natalie Good and her amazing team for making the wedding of our dreams possible. I steadfastly recommend A Good Affair to any bride looking for a wedding coordinator and to any bride who isn't.”

“A Good Affair is an amazing team and more than we could have asked for on our special day. We didn't have to worry about a thing, we felt like EVERYTHING went on without a hitch and it wouldn't have been as perfect or stress free without this team!

The combination of vendors A Good Affair helped us select made the day the best, we are still getting compliments on Andy's jams and Jaimee made us feel like we were movie stars! Our tables looked perfect, our décor was spotless, everything was in the PERFECT location – it was just amazing!

We also have to comment on the fun we had leading up to the day meeting with Natalie and giggling at planning sessions. She has a wonderful spirit and a great personality that makes stressful planning a blast! Natalie is a perfectionist and a type A that sees every detail, it was so great to know we could count on her for everything!
Nat and Team, thanks for all your hard work, passion, and enthusiasm that made our day more than we could have dreamed of!”

“Kristin Fung was our Day of Coordinator and she was wonderful! She was so professional and accommodating. We were soooooo lucky to have her and she honestly made our dream day a reality. All of our vendors and wedding party commented on how much they enjoyed working with her. I knew I wanted a Day of Coordinator to relieve the stress during the day, but I didn't realize how much having Kristin there would let me completely enjoy everything. I felt like I could trust her with my vision through the process. Boy, was I right, everything was wonderful!”

“Jennifer was amazing! Her assistant for the day of was too! We needed help along the way with contracts, some planning and the day of the wedding. Together, we put together a customized service package to meet our specific needs. She was very fast at responding to emails and answering phone calls. She was great at referring vendors for my tight budget. With her help we were able to have a beautiful ceremony and reception and on a budget! She helped with anything that we needed throughout the planning and the day of the wedding. The details that I wanted and the way I envisioned everything was done perfectly! She has a great personality and is very professional. The day was not stressful at all and everything was taken care of. It was wonderful having help with everything and not being stressed out. I definitely recommend A Good Affair for weddings and events!”

"OH MY GOODness!!!!!! I would add a million more exclamation marks if I could. I want to relive our wedding day over and over again. Because of Natalie, our day was infinitely more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Perhaps I am biased, but really, Natalie made our wedding the best that I've ever been to. And you know it was the best when you hear guest after guest rave how beautiful everything was, how they felt like they were on a Hollywood wedding set or in a fairy tale.

Look no further-Natalie with A Good Affair is your answer. Having Natalie take the helm in the design and planning of our wedding was the best decision we made, especially considering that time is always a factor for working professionals.

Planning a wedding is certainly daunting for the bride and groom who don't know where to begin, who don't even have a vision, or for even those brides who are the “anti-bride” and are not necessarily drawn to the frills and little details of weddings--I was definitely the latter--at least in the beginning. Because of Natalie, we fell in love with our own wedding, and the entire process was virtually stress-free. And I know it's not that I fell for the “wedding trap.” Because of Natalie and her inspiration, our wedding became a reflection of who we are, and in the process, we had a day that we will never forget, a day filled with overwhelming beauty and love.

Of course, when planning a wedding over the course of nearly a year, there will inevitably be moments when anxiety or panic kicks in, especially when making certain decisions, but rest-assured, Natalie brings the calm with her confidence and compassion. I call it “Intervention by Natalie.” She makes things right, and if things aren't going the way you like it, she'll do everything in her power to make it right by you. Beneath the sweet and bubbly exterior is a tough girl who knows how to work it. Her connections within the industry led us to our fabulous vendors, who also love working with Natalie, and we were therefore able to get “Natalie Discounts” which helped with our overall budget...speaking of which, Natalie was always thoughtful and considerate of working within our financial means. I admire her honesty and forthrightness, but above all I love her heart-filled work ethic.

I have a high level of respect for people who are not simply skilled in their trade, but possess heart and true love for what they do. Natalie does not merely have expertise in design and wedding planning, she's got the passion to prove it. What stood out to me in particular was her keen sense of understanding and reading people. She has the ability to connect your personality (both bride and groom) as well as your likes/dislikes to create a vision that is completely uniquely individualized...and of course, absolutely beautiful.

We loved Natalie so much that we enlisted her for wedding design and florals. Each wedding she has done is unique because she pays individualized attention to each of her clients. She has an imaginative creativity--the sky is NOT the limit for her. Natalie doesn't simply follow the current wedding trends--she's the trendsetter! It was amazing to see how all the ideas from both Natalie and us converged together to create a masterpiece that took our breath away. Every single detail was impeccable. Our day was impeccable. We give Natalie all the props. We love you, Natalie!

PS: Groom's comments: I can be a tough person to please. So when I told Natalie that I was speechless, it was a significant comment. The experience of sitting at our head table and taking in the magnificent setting that Natalie created is a memory I will never forget. I was equally impressed by how smooth everything went, there was not one glitch or problem. I could not be happier with the day that Natalie helped us create. It was perfect."
- LeeAnn & Andy, Franciscan Gardens 2012

"We worked with Natalie at A Good Affair for my daughter's wedding August 2011 at The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. The wedding was beautiful overlooking the ocean and the reception was perfect. Natalie and her crew were very helpful throughout the planning and during the ceremony and reception. They were discreet and professional in all they did to help our event be wonderfully enjoyable. Natalie has great ideas and knows her business well, she helped us save money and works with fabulous wedding vendors. She was organized, proactive and creative and also fun to be around and a really nice person. Her staff are efficient and hard-working people. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the day and know that everything was being handled by a true professsional. You will be in Good hands if you choose Natalie Good at A Good Affair...she is fabulous!!”
- Caron Kamps Widden, Mother of the Bride

"Where do I begin…? Natalie Good, her name should be Natalie AMAZING! I was a lost bride and did not know where to go and found A Good Affair through Anne, who is the manager of 24 carrots and the most beautiful Franciscan Gardens. The first time I met Anne I felt as though I met a friend I had known for ten years, she was so sweet and down to earth. She recommended I call Natalie to have a consultation. I walked into Natalie's office (which is so beautiful!), and had met the woman who was going to change my world forever. She was organized, kind, and I felt an instant connection. As we started planning my wedding, I saw my dream wedding coming true. I had always dreamed of this whimsical garden wedding. The more meetings we had, the more excited I got. Along the way, she introduced me to so many talented people. I had been to so many bad weddings were the DJ was awful and could not pronounce the new last name to the decorations falling apart. I was scared! Nevertheless, Natalie was the light at the end of my tunnel. On my wedding July 17, 2011, I walked down the aisle to see the most beautifully decorated archway. I was so very excited to see my handsome husband to be… but the flowers were magnificent. After the ceremony, we continued over to the other side for the reception. Each table was out of this world, everything that I had asked Natalie to do she went above and beyond, and made it even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it. In addition, on my wedding day I had a few drunken groomsmen, which she took care of that and so much more for my husband and I. she was on top of every detail! I am so very blessed to have found Natalie Good ( A good affair) she is the most wonderful, amazing, talented. Kind. Organized, so many wonderful things I can say about Natalie and her hard working staff. Any one who is getting married needs Natalie and her team! She will make your wedding perfect and stress free. Natalie is blessed to have such an amazing talent. Thank you Natalie for making all my dreams comes true! You Rock!"
- Kristina

"Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful, anxiety-filled processes one can experience, and finding the right wedding planner/wedding service company can be just as stressful. It's not always about who's the most professional with the longest running industry experience -- you'll find that most top wedding companies fulfill both -- but about finding the right person who goes above and beyond expectations on the most personal level. At the onset of my wedding planning, we interviewed over 5 different wedding planning companies from small boutique services to large establishments (suggestions mostly taken from bridal magazines such as Grace Ormand and Knot) and while their portfolios and professionalism seemed impeccable, I walked away feeling there was still something amiss....and I couldn't shake off the emotional void and angst about the whole matter. Natalie Good was entirely different. From our very first phone conversation, she got me. She listened carefully and at the end, was more thrilled about my wedding than my fiance and I combined. That excitement and sincerity never once wavered from start to finish. Our destination wedding in Santa Barbara was extraordinary and truly an unforgettable weekend for everyone involved, all thanks to this jewel of a woman and her services at A Good Affair Wedding. With Natalie Good, you will find a planner who is engaged, supportive, willing to accommodate to your needs but also strong and gracious enough to lend her professional insight and advises when and where needed. She's the perfect combination of an industry professional who mandates that all i's be dotted and t's crossed, and your best friend who isn't afraid to give her objective eye and that you should pass on a certain style of dress because it's simply not you. Her emotional EQ is a God-send and has saved me time and time again from wallowing in all kinds of ups and downs through my wedding planning stages. With Natalie Good's services, you get the right kind of wedding planner every bride-to-be dreams of plus the added miracle of someone who signifies strength, a marvelous sense of humour and outlook, creativity and originality, and truly a remarkable woman you'd be proud to have in your life."
- Sarah

"My husband and I intended to plan our out of town wedding by ourselves. But by six months out, with only a venue and photographer booked, we knew we needed help. We interviewed Natalie and were immediately impressed by how excited she was about our wedding, how personable she was, and how reasonably priced her services were. I was only able to travel down to Orange County for planning two or three times after our initial meeting, but Natalie saved us by making the most out of each visit; she efficiently arranged for us to meet the right vendors saving us tons of time and hassle. Natalie also did a great job of helping us to realize our vision for our wedding. When we began this process, we only had a very vague sense of what we wanted the day to be like, but Natalie seemed to get the big picture and with her help, everything came together beautifully! In fact, I have been told numerous times by guests that our wedding was the most beautiful and amazing wedding they had ever been to and I know that I owe that in large part to Natalie and her hard work. One of the greatest things about working with Natalie was the peace of mind that she gave us on our wedding day; on what can be a very nerve racking day, it was priceless not to have to worry about any of the details! Natalie was professional, organized, efficient, creative, supportive, and went above and beyond for us. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"
- C.

"My fiance and I (and my mother!) were planning our wedding in CA from TX. Natalie was the best money we spent for this wedding. She organized every trip to make the most of our time so we could meet as many vendors as possible to be sure we had our favorites. Natalie was so amazing to work with (along with her assistants and helpers!). She was available whenever we needed her and was very prompt in returning phone calls and getting us whatever information we wanted or needed. Everything ran smoothly from vendor meetings and selections all the way to the big day. And with 200 guests that is no easy feat! It could not have gone more perfectly, and I know that Natalie was an integral part of that. TRUST ME... she is worth EVERY penny and practically pays for herself in the deals you'll get with other (amazing) vendors who are willing to give discounts because they know she rocks and will make THEIR lives easier as well. I already have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who asks (and maybe some people that don't). :)"
- Jenny