July 28, 2010

A Good Affair Interview and Photo Shoot by D. Park Photography!

Photo Shoots

So when my friends David and Drexelle of D. Park Photography approached me about doing an interview about A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production and why a bride should hire a coordinator I was so pumped! I love to share my experience in weddings and events and thought it would be some nice information for brides that were beginning their wedding planning. We ended up doing a photo shoot as well and I have to say I felt like a super famous person (ok maybe for just a minute) that was getting the royal treatment! It is always nerve racking to be in front of a video camera (I felt like a deer in headlights) but sitting their and talking to Drexelle was so comfortable that everything just came right out of my mouth- well maybe there were a few flubs, Drexelle don’t tell!

Check out the full interview on their blog

I have worked with D. Park before and I refer them to client’s but it was so different to be the one in front of the camera. We decided to head to Old Towne Orange to do the photo shoot for the interview and the website. We found this awesome brick wall next to the back of a restaurant (ask me about tripping over rat traps- that was a fun one!) and I had to ask a poor cook who was just enjoying his break if he could move out of the way so we could drag in our props and take over the place, he kindly obliged and we were off and running with the shoot.

My good friend Kelley with Lavender’s Flowers helped me out with a beautiful bouquet that matched my shoes perfectly- Super love that.

Being a Goof-Ball!!!!!

For all your brides out there, check out the video on how to select  a planner that is the perfect fit for you and the value of hiring a Professional Coordinator:

I hope that these tips help all you brides out there. Often you hear people say that you don’t need a wedding planner but what I have to say is yes you do! We help you save money, time, stress, and so much more. Give it up to the professionals and let us work your party so you can enjoy every minute with your guests- trust me it will be the FASTEST day of your life! So sit back, relax, and take it all in.

I look forward to being a part of your special day!

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