November 12, 2010

Featured Vendors~ delivering amazing service for your wedding!

Featured Vendors

Happy Veterans Day!!!! What a beautiful day to remember our fallen soldiers and veterans who have fought and died for our freedoms. A Good Affair solutes them today and everyday!

When planning your wedding one of the most important vendors you will be selecting is your photographer. They are part of the day’s most intimate moments and you want someone you can relax with and feel comfortable so that you are the most beautiful you have ever been. We have seen clients who picked their photographer before they booked us and often when you book on price you end up making the wrong decision. This is because you didn’t focus on the personality and work of the photographer but rather the bottom line. When we take clients to meet photographers that we work with, the work is all professional but its the style and personality of the photographer that is different. Each style and personality fits a different bride and groom and you want to make sure you have the perfect match for the two of you. Obviously price is a real consideration but it shouldn’t be what makes you decide to go with someone who will be capturing one of the best days of your life!

Today’s Featured Vendor~ Miguel Pola Photography

Miguel Pola is a photographer that AGA has had the pleasure of working with many times. He creates clean, modern images that are timeless and elegant. Based in Orange County he does weddings locally and beyond. Check out some of our favorites:

We just love this engagement shot of one of our favorite couples “Danika”- check out more of their engagement shoot here

Some of my favorite work from Miguel was on Monika and Dan’s Wedding earlier this year at Rancho Las Lomas:

Check out more of Monika & Dan’s elegant modern wedding at Rancho Las Lomas on A Good Affair’s blog.

To see more of Miguel Pola’s awesome work check out his blog

Check out our portfolio

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