August 11, 2010

Personal Post~ A Dachshunds Love


I don’t normally take the time to talk about my personal life since I am always busy talking about A Good Affair’s fabulous client’s, but I wanted to take a moment to share 2 of the most precious gifts in my life with you all. My two dachshunds, Maggie & Piper bring me so much love and joy it’s hard to even put it into words (but I’m gonna try)!

The Mr. and I got Maggie almost 3 years ago at such an amazing time in our lives, it was 2007 we had just gotten married a few months earlier, bought a house, and then welcomed our first pup into our lives. For those fellow dog lovers out there I know you will understand this when I say that Maggie is my soul mate (for a dog- not replacing you honey) her and I have had a bond like I have never experienced with any other animal in my life. I always say if my personality was put into a dog it would be Maggie. She is super outgoing, the life of the party, super friendly, and has the biggest personality I have ever come across in a pup.

Then a year later we got Piper (Maggie needed a friend) and I thought I would be getting another Maggie- they are the same breed after all so not a crazy assumption I might say. Well boy was I wrong!!!!! Not only is Piper 1/2 of Maggie’s size, her personality is TOTALLY opposite as well. She is not outgoing, only likes certain people, and is a total guard dog (that I love by the way). It is so funny because she is super close to the Mr. which rounded out a perfect foursome family.

I love what I do for weddings and events but it often is a high stress and physically exhausting job (not saying I would trade it for the world) so when I come home nothing makes me happier than curling up on the couch with my two babies. It is so true that dog is really man’s best friend. They know when I need to snuggle or when I need a good laugh they bust out something funny I have never seen them do before. Sometimes I look at them and just crack up! They have no worries in this world something we could all try a moment or two in our crazy lives.

A while ago we decided that we wanted to get some great photos of our pups and I called on Molly with Luminaire Images to help me out. she is one of my friends in the biz and does amazing work with weddings but she also has a passion for animal photography and I just love how she captures them.

Take a look at my babies:

Awh my Maggie Mae- such a great shot still can’t figure out how she got her tongue like that!

My delicate little Piper- she will always look like a pup- love it!

Pretty much the greatest shot ever- priceless!

Well we aren’t as cute as Maggie and Piper but here’s a look at the happy family, the 3 loves of my life!

Check out more images on Molly’s blog

Hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my life and what I hold near and dear to my heart. When I try to express what I feel about these 3 my heart feels like it is going to burst- this is my family and I can’t imagine my life without them!

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