June 26, 2013

~ A Good Affair's Bridal Maven Contest ~ Judge | Marianne Lozano

Bridal Maven Contest

Marianne Lozano
Marianne Lozano’s visionary, focused, editorial style has won the hearts of clients, designers and art directors around the world. At first glance, Marianne seems reserved and contemplative, quietly observing her environment and waiting for the next perfect moment to capture. When her emotional stories are frozen in time, it’s done in a seemingly effortless manner with an urbane sense of style, composition and focus that is evident in people who were born to take pictures. As you get to know Marianne, a confident, independent and warm human being with a lovely sense of humor is revealed.

Her artistry, focus and direction as a professional photographer has earned her an elite group of clients, event planners and agents, booking local and international assignments throughout the year. She is regularly featured in noteworthy publications like Angeleno and Mojeh magazine and she recently worked on a photo shoot for Bvlgari and the Guess 30th Anniversary events.

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