February 7, 2016

Guest Blogger: Design Visage on Bridal Beauty Q & A

Bridal Beauty

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We are so excited to introduce our first guest blogger, the makeup professionals at Design Visage! The ladies over at Design Visage have done a flawless job with many of our brides and bridal parties, and we cannot be more impressed with their talents! For all of the brides out there that need some assistance when it comes to their bridal hair and makeup, look no further. Design Visage has answered your some of your most commonly asked questions when it comes to achieving the perfect bridal makeup look.

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Q: I am trying to decide on a look for my wedding day, any advice on choosing the perfect look?

DV: Deciding on a wedding day look can be daunting for some and easy for others! Whichever category you fall into, consider your personal style and your overall theme or feel of your wedding. Consider your dress, venue, time of day, attire requested, etc. This will help you develop how you want to present yourself! There are several different looks you can choose from and the key is to find an artist that will help you feel like you, and be able to imagine your look and photos over a lifetime! For the very natural brides out there, remember you want to be photo ready and have a flawless look. You don’t need to wear a ton of makeup, but remember in the end you will be wearing more than your usual amount. At the end of the day, do what feels like you, but take it up a notch! It is your special day after all and with the right artist you and your beloved will love your look as the gorgeous bride you are!

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Q: What beauty/grooming tips would you give a bride for her wedding day?

DV: Equally important to your wedding day routine is the prep time ahead of the day!

Skin: Leading up to your big day, we recommend a hydrating facial (with no extractions) 3-4 days before your wedding. This will hydrate and plum your skin. Have a backless dress? You can have this done on your back as well! On the day, apply a light moisturizer with little to no sunscreen. This is because sunscreen under makeup (depending on the type of course) can distort the look of your makeup in photos. The foundation our artists use will have a sunscreen in them so you are still protected from the harsh rays!

Spray Tan: We suggest doing a trial spray tan with the formula you will be using to see how it takes to your skin. When the big day draws near, get your tan 1-3 days prior to the big event!

Brows: Wax or pluck 3 days to a week before your wedding. This will allow any redness to disappear and give your skin time to recover so makeup will adhere to the area.

Eyes: Do not use anything oily around the eye area. For example, oil based eye makeup remover, etc. This will make the makeup hard to adhere to additional oil added to the skin.

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Q: What do you suggest for the perfect lipstick shade for my wedding day?

DV: We suggesting choosing a color that may be more classic for your wedding day. There are various shades of pinks, nudes, and corals that will compliment any skin! For some brides, color is their look! A gorgeous red makes for a stunning look and we are seeing a lot of berry as a popular shade this year! As a general rule of thumb, try to stay away from shades that are too light or too dark. Your makeup artist will be happy to suggest products to you. Your artist will line your lips with a lip liner, a matte lipstick, and a touch of gloss so when you kiss your love, the color stays on you!

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Thank you to the makeup experts over at Design Visage! Looking forward to a great 2017!


Be sure to visit their website here.

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