September 30, 2010

Featured Vendors~ delivering amazing service for your event!

Featured Vendors

This has been a sweltering week so hopefully you are reading this assuming everyone hasn’t turned into melted butter by now! I thought we were into Fall and I even bought 2 new sweaters only to be tricked by the weather gods~ just isn’t fair I say.

We are super happy about our new weekly feature on some of our favorite vendors in the wedding biz. These companies provide exceptional service and dedication to their craft and A Good Affair doesn’t settle for anything less for our clients.

Today’s Featured Vendor~ Capturing Moments Photography

Jaimee Hubert and her team have been in the business of lifestyle photography for several years and she has shot hundreds of weddings which makes her not only very talented but also super comfortable behind the camera. I feel that having a confident photographer who has experience behind them is very important for your wedding or event. We tell all of our clients that they have to connect with their photographer because he/she is going to be with you all day long and you want to feel comfortable with them. Jaimee is so wonderful and easy going and she has a great sense of humor so if you are a nervous bride she helps keep you nice and calm.

Check out some of her amazing images with some of our clients:

This is just a small sampling of Capturing Moments work- check out their porfolio for more.

Check out our portfolio

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