December 4, 2010

Friday Fab Find~ a weekly snippet of creative & delicious ideas for your wedding!

Fab Finds

Happy Friday to all! I have been really busy since the holiday so please excuse my tardiness on blog posts! I can’t believe it’s already December and Christmas is less than a month away. Went shopping in LA yesterday for some holiday inspiration for my own home. This year is going to be a mix of birch, birds, silver, and some other yummy things- stay tuned! 

Hope you are planning some lovely holiday decor to warm your home this season. We would love to hear and see how you are decorating your home- send us a pic on Facebook. 

Because we are in the holiday season I wanted to share with you a Friday Fab Find inspired by the season. 

The last couple of years there has been a HUGE trend for candy bar stations, cotton candy stations, a sweet stations. Update this trend with a twist- A Gourmet Popcorn Station! 


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What a wow factor with the presentation in acrylic containers- LOVE IT!!! Whatever the theme for your wedding is, you can tie it in with your display setup. 



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I just love these cute containers that guests can take with them for a treat on the ride home! 


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We hope you enjoy this yummy inspiration! For a Fab Find Company to get your gourmet popcorn you must try Dale & Thomas Gourmet Popcorn– AMAZING!!! 

We are gearing up for after the holidays when so many couples will get engaged. If you are that couple we would love to help you in planning your special day. Call us after the holidays to setup a complimentary consultation at our design studio in Newport Beach! 

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Happy Holidays & Planning, 


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