August 5, 2016

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Friday Fab Find Feature Rescue Flats Blog

Say Hello to the World’s Most Comfortable Dancing Shoes

There’s nothing worse than heading out the dance floor knowing your heels will only last a song or two. You’ve had the most incredible time at your dear friend’s wedding…but now you’re starting to loose steam, and just when the party’s getting started! Skulking back to your seat, desperately wishing for a foot rub is no way to end a perfectly wonderful night – and that’s where Rescue Flats are here to help!

Rescue Flats sell luxurious ballet flats, perfectly packaged in an sturdy, couture box. Each box comes with sizes small, medium large and flats come in a variety of stunning shades – Gold, Slate, Lavender & Black. Each box comes with a bag to protect your heels and Rescue Flats even offers free sign templates to direct your guests to put on their party shoes!

Friday Fab Find Feature Rescue Flats Blog

Friday Fab Find Feature Rescue Flats Blog

The story behind Rescue Flats:

The idea behind our product was born on the evening of Sarah’s wedding reception. It was 10 o’clock and many female wedding guests were beginning to fade from the dance floor. Dancing in high heels was taking its toll. How perfect would it have been if these guests could have slipped into something more comfortable and continued to dance the night away?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. We have both been there. Every detail of our product is designed with this in mind. Our Rescue Flats are packaged in a beautiful couture box that makes display and set up a breeze.

We’re absolutely in love with the idea in offering guests useful, luxury favors that enhance their wedding-day experience. Check out Rescue Flats’ latest catalog and products here!


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