April 9, 2010

Introducing Fab Finds~ a weekly snippet of creative and delicious ideas for your wedding!

Fab Finds

So I have decided that I want to offer my clients, friends, and anyone who hopefully is tuning in to this blog, a little snippet of fun and creative ideas every Friday- thus we begin Friday Fab Finds!

I am pretty excited about my new little venture (feel like I am working a column beat at the local newsroom) so hopefully others will get a kick out of it as well.

Candy Gemstones

I found this very creative and darling idea which I think could work for decor, and fun edible favor, a candy buffet or sweets station edition, ect.

Intimate Weddings showcased how you can make this crafty DIY project on your own


How cute are they! You can make any color you want too- in a dish for table decor or boxed in a clear acrylic container with a great tag- guests would be in love.

So how to make you might as yourself- here you go:

First things first- you need the molds

then select your flavors….



Here Martha Stewart shows a gift setup with candy gemstones:


I always tell my brides with regards to favors, “if you can’t eat, drink it, or donate it, don’t bother” This is an adorable way to create something special and one of a kind for your guests with colors that match your decor and a sweet snack for the drive home!

Happy Planning,


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