December 13, 2010

Personal Post~ Hanaeleh Horse Rescue & Childhood Memories!


Natalie’s Personal Post

During this time of year I find it’s a time for me to reflect on where life has taken me in the last year and focus on where I want to go next year. Throughout the year I volunteer with different animal rescue organizations to try to make a difference in their lives. I have been an avid animal lover my entire life (I wanted to be a Vet before a Wedding Planner!). Nothing gets my blood boiling more than animal abuse and cruelty! I cry at the commercials, and I simply don’t understand how people can be so cruel to innocent beings, it is just unacceptable!

When I was growing up I was lucky enough to own horses up in Oregon. My first horse, Cash, was not only an animal but he was a friend. In the Summer I would give him a bath, ride bareback in the pasture, lay on his back and soak up the Summer sun. He was a part of my experience’s, my failures, and he gave me friendship and loyaly like no friend can at that age. I tried to be a  barber and took a chunk out of his mane- guess that wasn’t a profession I should have tried! I braided his hair like a girl and he didn’t care one bit. We had so many amazing memories together.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with him.



 I try to be a small part of making a difference in the lives of animals who have been abused and thrown away likes trash. If you have the time you should definietly look into volunteering sometime. Even if it’s just occassional at adoption events or by making a donation- every little bit helps. I have had the pleasure of volunteering at Hanaeleh many times and I just LOVE what they are doing for horses. Do you know that there are only a couple of horse rescues in ALL of Orange County? These are large animals that are very expensive to take care of and they can’t be fostered in a home like a dog or cat would; therefore not many of them exist. Elizabeth started the rescue with her passion for these gentle, often misunderstood creatures. I am in awh of how hard she works everyday to make Hanaeleh happen, it really is inspiring. They have several amazing horses up for adoption to a loving home. Check out some of my faves:


         Sweet and Sassy Annie                            



 Handsome Charlie




 Raphael is just beautiful!


Check out all the amazing work that is being done at Hanaeleh as well as how you can sponsor a horse in need here on their website. Also become a fan on their facebook page.

They are also always in need of supplies- grooming materials, muck rakes (it really isn’t fun to use a broken one- trust me!), gift certificates to feed stores, and of course donations. Help these amazing horses during the holiday season!


A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production will be donating a portion from each piece of business we receive in 2011 to animal rescues in Orange County- if you are one of our client’s let us know if you have a specific rescue you would like a portion of your event donated too. 🙂


Wishing everyone a great holiday season! Take the time to make a difference in someone’s life- animal or human- there is so much need out there. It feels you with such a sense of purpose, I find it feels good for the soul.


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