August 31, 2017

AGA Review | Jennifer & Joshua, The Montage Laguna Beach


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5 Stars from Jennifer & Joshua

We love hearing back from our couples about their own wedding day experience. Our goal is to deliver the event of their dreams and not only wow their guests, but make the day perfect for the happy couple as well. 5 star reviews always warm our hearts, but this one from our past clients Jennifer & Joshua totally made our jaws drop! We couldn’t be happier to deliver this memorable experience and we can’t wait for many more happy clients to come!

From Jennifer:

You can stop looking for a wedding planner now.  You’ve found her.  Her name is Natalie Good and she’s with A Good Affair.

Let me spare you some time by sharing my wedding planning experiences with you.  The main lessons I learned are: (1) There is way too much going on for you to manage singlehandedly on your wedding day, and (2) even if you could ordinarily do some of the tasks yourself, there isn’t enough time for you to also enjoy your wedding, so (3) you need a team that you can trust.  Lastly and most importantly, (4) you can’t buy good taste.  You need to be born with it! –And Natalie’s definitely got taste for miles!!

I first saw Natalie’s work before meeting her. I was at a work event at the Skirball Center and happened upon a stunning wedding reception which Natalie had designed. I contacted Natalie immediately afterwards. Before that, I had researched and talked to several wedding planners/designers, but I honestly wasn’t convinced that anyone could help me plan my dream wedding because I am a super picky, meticulous, uber perfectionist control-freak.  How was I going to find someone who could get the job done perfectly? –When I met Natalie, I had no doubt that she could!

I first met Natalie at her chic office, and found her to be warm, sweet, kind, and personable.  I liked her immediately!  She spent time listening to my ramblings, disjointed thoughts, and ideas about what I wanted for my wedding.  While I was talking, I realized that I didn’t know how to put all of my random ideas together.  I knew that I liked certain pretty things but I couldn’t communicate this clearly or even picture how it could come together to form one cohesive look and style!  That’s where Natalie picked up, right where I left off.  And honestly, it was a relief because she just knew and helped me to realize what was important to me.  I felt like Natalie just got it right away and simply understood what I couldn’t even express myself!  She helped me to design my dream wedding and did so flawlessly.

I was immediately impressed by these qualities about Natalie:
(1) She was beyond qualified and experienced. You can scroll through her portfolio and see the countless gorgeous pictures of weddings she’s designed to realize that she knows what she’s doing and that has tons of experience doing so.
(2) She was confident.  She in turn, instilled confidence in me that she could get the job done and be amazing at it. That was reassuring, esp. when I was frantic at times!
(3) She’s like a close girlfriend you can turn to, count on, and rely on. She was approachable and genuine. You can run ideas by her and she’ll tell you honestly if it’s a good or bad idea.  She wants to make you look your best!
(4) She was very responsive. She answered tons of emails, questions, calls, etc. at all hours. Plus she doesn’t get sick of hearing about tiny details like your friends might!
(5) She will work within your budget.  She will give you multiple options and choices.  She will also stretch your dollar and make the important things stand out.  We were offered multiple discounts from vendors through her.
(6) She is well-connected and friendly with the vendors.
(7) She was organized.  On your wedding day, her team is a well-oiled machine.  You need something last-minute? They’ve got it covered.  Her team is on top of the schedule and will help everyone stay on track. They are constantly multitasking and you can trust your wedding day in their hands.
(8) She and her team are consummate professionals.
(9) She is trustworthy.  It got to a point where I trusted her judgment better than anyone else’s and I wanted to run pretty much everything past her for her approval!
(10) She’s got great taste and style.  You cannot buy this!  You have to be born with this!  Natalie has an eye for beautiful and gorgeous things.  She even has an artistic background and knows how to make a vision a reality.

I can’t say it enough: You can’t buy good taste!  You can trust Natalie’s design aesthetic. You can trust that she will elevate not one, but ALL of your ideas, and somehow create something far more breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, enchanting, and magical than you could ever dream of yourself!  The guests at our 200+ wedding were literally blown away by our wedding.  Like jawdrop! And awe!  Even now, to this day, we still get told that our wedding was the most luxurious and stunning wedding our guests had ever seen!  Even strangers (friends of friends) comment to us that they saw our wedding through friends’ social media and were amazed!  Natalie did that!  She designed that!  She magically elevated our ideas and transformed them into something greater!

I’m one of the pickiest, most hard-to-please people I know.  And I’m telling you, I was floored by Natalie’s team on my wedding day!  So don’t delay!  You will not be disappointed in her team and their services.  She is well worth every penny! You simply cannot go wrong with Natalie and A Good Affair!

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Montage Laguna Beach Luxury Wedding wedding designer event design planning a good affair orange county


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