August 23, 2016

AGA Review | Quynh & Johnny, Skirball Cultural Center

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Check out the latest 5 star review from Quynh & Johnny who were married at the gorgeous Skirball Cultural Center!

Photography by KLK Photography

There comes a point during your wedding planning when you turn to your partner and wonder whether you should have just eloped and gone to Vegas…and that point hit for me about one month after I got engaged! I mean, we hadn’t even made ANY plans whatsoever about where and what we were going to do about the wedding, and we were already tired about the thought of making decisions.

THANK GOODNESS we were able to hire Natalie and her team for our wedding. Natalie was amazing to work with, and ever so humble about her opinions and design. I had an idea about how I wanted my wedding to feel, but not so much about the actual details of the wedding. It was definitely her planning that made our vision come to life and for everything to come together. That’s really what you’re getting when you come to Natalie.

She walked me through the entire process of the taste testing, accommodating my 10000 requests/needs, was patient with me when I made so many changes to ten thousand different things, and stepped in to make a decision when I was being wishy washy – I was a terrible bride and did everything last minute (insert embarrassed emoji). But thanks to Natalie, our wedding was a hit and because she’s worked with so many vendors, she’ll give you the best pricing possible!

When I walked into the reception area for the first time (we got married at Skirball in Los Angeles), I had tears in my eyes and I was literally speechless. And that’s saying a lot because I’m a woman of many words!! From the flowers to the lighting to the table cloths and all the rentals, our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more. A special thanks to her team on the actual wedding day because they were AH-MAZING. The person who was assigned to be by my side the entire wedding day was phenomenal while Natalie was doing all the behind the scenes work, which I didn’t particularly see but appreciated so much because I wasn’t bothered with one thing. Natalie and her team anticipated what I needed before I even knew that I needed anything.

My husband and I enjoyed our wedding way more than I’m sure others have who didn’t have a wedding planner. We even ATE ALL 3 COURSES AT OUR WEDDING!!! WHAT?! It’s unheard of apparently! If you’re hesitating at all about spending the money on a planner, just mosey on over to A Good Affair’s Instagram account and just be ready to drop your jaws and hand over your money because you’ll be getting the most detailed, elegant, and gorgeous wedding you ever could have imagined!

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