July 30, 2015

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. ~ Madi & Mike ~ Haiku Mill, Hawaii, KLK Photography

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. (engagements)

017_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_a_www

We can’t believe the time has come for these two to get married at the gorgeous Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii today! We love a destination wedding and this one will be one for the books. Can’t wait to share it with the world. Congrats Madi and Mike!

Love their engagement shoot with KLK Photography:

029_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_A2_www_sq 029_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_A2_www 045_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ESa_www 058_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_a2_www 098_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_A2_www 117_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_A_www 122_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_a_www_sq 138_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_a_www 155_KLK_Maddy & Mike_ES_Abw_www

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