October 30, 2013

Wedded Wednesday! ~ We’re All About: Macarons

Wedded Wednesday

And so begins our discussion on the great debate…the one that has most likely incited feuds in bakeries across the world.

Macarons vs. Macaroons

Not only do the tasty French treats vary in pronunciation, they vary completely in look and ingredients, yet many use the names interchangeably and without any knowledge as to the origin of the pastry. “Both macarons and macaroons are confections, and both names are derived from ammaccare, which is Italian for “to crush” — but that’s where the similarities end.” (PopSugarFood) Fun Fact!: National Macaron Day is March 20th!

Get yourself educated on the difference between a Macaron an a Macaroon (from Le Bon Macaron):

The French Macaron is not like an American Macaroon. The macaron is made of sugar, egg whites and almonds. It is not made with coconut like many would expect. It has a delicate shell that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sandwiched between the shells is a creamy, flavored filling, such as salted caramel or cinnamon. As a warning, macarons are highly addictive! One is certainly not enough!

At AGA, we’ve used these whimsical finger foods at countless events and people can’t stop talking about what a wonderful aesthetic feel they add to any dessert table. Because they can come in both soft and brilliant hues, the desserts themselves have almost transformed into a desirable design feature at weddings. Though the traditional wedding cake has always been a top pick for desserts, smaller treats such as Macarons, Cake Pops and S’mores have become quite a sensation in the past few years.

Macarons ~ A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production ~ Wedded Wednesday

Eeeeevvvrrryyy thing about this picture is so gosh darn sweet. Frenzel Photographers captured this photo from T&L‘s beautiful wedding at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. A popular shot these days: stacking wedding bands atop beautifully styled Macarons. We agree, these tiny treats lend themselves to some great photography. Thank you to twelve-centimeter in Los Angeles!

Macarons ~ A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production ~ Wedded Wednesday

KLK Photography didn’t miss the chance to cover Stacey & Josh‘s Macaron table at Segerstrom Hall. Thank you to ‘lette macarons in Beverly Hills!

Macarons ~ A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production ~ Wedded Wednesday

Talk about luxury dessert. These fabulous Macarons were given at favors Kristall & Andrew’s wedding day at the gorgeous St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. The luxurious desserts were provided by Bottega Louie in Los Angeles.

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