January 11, 2016

Sandra & David’s Bohemian Glam Wedding ~ Photography by Aaron Young

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“One of my favorite things about planning weddings is that all of my clients are different. They have different styles, different personalities, different wants, and different needs. One of my favorite weddings of 2015 was more than just how gorgeous it was; it was also about the couple and their families that I got to know and love through the process.

From the beginning I knew this wedding was going to be really fun, and maybe a little challenging too. When I met with the bride, Sandra, and her mom, Sheila, I knew this wedding was going to awesome. I found out that they got engaged on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Well actually, she was proposed to by Elmo after a scavenger hunt on the show. But how cool is that? After passing the first meeting with the bride, Sandra, and her mom, Sheila, I knew I was about to endure one of the best challenges to date. I say passing because I’m pretty sure I was being screened to make sure I had a chance of passing the test of the Groom. What Sandra didn’t realize is that I had it in the bag with David. We had a hometown connection, a friendship connect, and most importantly, a high school extra-curricular activity connection that despite not attending the same high school at the same time, when you’re in this program, it’s like you’ve been to war together.

We always strive to bring into the details who the couple really are, and David and Sandra were all about making their wedding really reflect the people that they were. David and Sandra insisted that every wedding cliché be thrown out the window. From each item on the menu to the tables and chairs, all the way down to the ice for their cocktails, everything chosen described David and Sandra’s personalities and favorite things. Urban Palate served up an amazing menu that showed off their Armenian backgrounds, Sandra’s time spent in Austin, and their taste for really good food. There was no cake because they don’t like cake. Why have cake when you can have pie? So we had pie. You always know when you’re eating with David and Sandra that the food is going to be amazing.

For the design, Natalie wanted to create them something as unique as they are. They gave her free reign with the reminder, nothing cliché. No monograms would be had. Nothing vintage or overdone either. We used high top communal tables, a huge X in the center of long dining, and round tables sprinkled in for an eclectic, fun layout to the space. Large black sequin table linens and patterned table runners were chosen to show the couple’s glamorous but funky style. We brought fun pops of colors in the florals and a bright pink neon sign above the bar. Lots of shiny gold fringe to bring out their playful side and some fancy gold-foiled Elmo napkins to remind us where their engagement began. The highlight of the design were twelve amazing black chandeliers that sparkled above the tables. There were so many great details and each one was purposefully chosen. All night the bride and groom couldn’t stop beaming from all the compliments of how perfect this wedding was for them. 

If it’s done right, you should be able to tell a lot about a couple from their wedding. And if you didn’t know anything about these two before their wedding, you sure learned a lot that evening after eating great food and dancing all night to songs you don’t hear on the radio.” – Anna, A Good Affair Wedding Planner

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Planning & Design: A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production | Reception Venue: The Washbow | Catering: Urban Palate | Florist: Flowers by Jodie | Photographer: Aaron Young Photography | Videographer: Atomic Tangerine Films | DJ & Entertainment: Luxury DJs & Scott Cummings Music | Cocktail Service: The Whaling Club | Desserts: Cool Haus | Hair & Makeup: Design Visage | Rentals: Edge Design Decor

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