July 4, 2013

~ A Good Affair’s Bridal Maven Contest ~ PinBoards Highlight

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{The pinner’s love story}: I met Florent over a year ago. We both came to Los Angeles to pursue our Masters degree. He was totally not my type, but hey he was my classmate and I needed to be nice 🙂 Although, he wasn’t my type, he was everyone else’s type… All the girls were making flirty eyes when he was talking to them…that was funny. One day he overheard that I was going to NYC for the Memorial Weekend and offered to help me get a good hotel deal since he knew some people in NYC. I was happy, why not 🙂 Little did he know, he helped me organize a fun trip to NYC to see…..my Ex! wow! Its funny when I think of it.. However before I left to NYC he took me for a dinner. We didn’t know each other very well and he felt like he wanted to get to know me a little more since we were classmates. We had a really nice time. When I was in NYC he had to go back to France as his Grandmother passed away. As soon as I came back he wanted to see me.
Ever since then we saw each other literally every day…. and a year after we had our first dinner, he took my to Malibu to have a dinner on the beach and finally proposed!!!
One thing about Florent is that he was never in a committed relationship, he never had a girlfriend for longer than a month… The last thing on his mind was to be engaged and committed to one person. I made it! I got him propose to me in less than a year! that’s already rewarding 🙂
The past year with Florent was the most intense year, we have graduated with MBA degree, with my encouragement he started his own and already successful company and… we got engaged!
I am sooo happy!

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