January 23, 2016

Unique Escort Card & Place Card Ideas

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Need a little inspiration on unique escort card and place card ideas? Well, we are here to help. Before we start, let’s explain what escort cards and place cards really are. Escort cards indicate the guest’s name and table number to help guide them to their seat. In addition, you may decide to put their meal preference on the card as well. Place cards (optional) are set at the assigned seat chosen by the bride & groom. We have broken down our most unique ideas and we hope this sparks some creativity in you!


Traditional with a Twist. These elegant escort cards for Summer & Jeremiah’s Orange County wedding consisted of an envelope with the guests name beautifully written, and inside a card with the table name. This style felt as if it was an invitation to the reception, which made it more personal for the guests.

{Photo by D.Park Photography}


The Modern Style. How awesome is this geometric dimensional wall? Custom made by yours truly, this wall was a hit at Lindsay & Ion’s luxurious St. Regis wedding.

{See Lindsay & Ion’s full portfolio here | Photos by KLK}

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.11.33 PM

Hanging Cards. We love this idea of hanging seating assignments and escort cards from a tree, beams, or high surface.

{See Matt & Kiko’s full portfolio here | See Juliana & Jordan’s full portfolio here}

{Photo by Allison Maginn | Photo by Katelin Wallace}



Fresh Personal Flowers. For a luxurious arrangement, we had escort cards placed in acrylic vases filled with water and topped off with a fresh white flower. Guests were wowed by this gorgeous display.

{Photo by KLK}

03_KLK Photography_Franciscan Gardens_A Good Affair

{Photo by KLK}

michella alejandro

{Photo by Studio EMP}


{Photo by David Manning}

For the Organic Wedding. We are so in love with a creative display filled with lush greenery. These stunning seating displays were an essential piece to the overall wedding design.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.11.02 PM

Incorporating Favors. What a perfect way to combine your wedding favor and place escort card/place card? The personalized olive oil vials, mustard seed jars, and mini champagne bottles were our faves!

{Left: Photo by Per Pixel | Top: Photo by Brandon Kidd | Bottom: Photo by KLK}

{See Tina & Levi’s full portfolio here | See Alice & Chris’ full portfolio here}


{Photo by KLK}

Katelin Wallace

{Photo by Katelin Wallace}

A Symbolic and Personal Touch. The best part of designing a wedding is getting the opportunity to make it your own. Personal touches set aside your unique wedding design from the rest. The gold painted rabbit and horse symbolized the bride and groom’s birthday year animal, according to Chinese culture. In the photo below, Juliana and Jordan’s beloved doxie, Bosley, was incorporated into the small details of their wedding. How adorable are these doxie shaped place cards?

Mark Longstreet 2

Mark Longstreet

A Classy Statement. One of our absolute favorite details from 2015 were the personalized acrylic diamond champagne accessory. This made for an epic champagne toast!

{Photo by Mark Longstreet}

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.11.21 PM

Seating Chart. To simplify things a bit, consider creating a diagram or seating chart so guests know where their table is located. We loved these hand drawn black boards and the framed architectural print.

{Left: Photo by KLK | Top: Photo by Aaron Young | Bottom: Photo by Brett Hickman}

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